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The owner box menu in franchise mode, where players can set ticket prices and examine team finances (Madden NFL 2004)

Franchise mode is a Madden NFL game mode where a user manages a team or several teams over many seasons. Franchise mode has been present in every Madden game since Madden NFL 99.[1]

In addition to coaching games, users had general manager duties, such as signing and trading players. Starting from Madden NFL 2004, users also took on the role of an owner, controlling day-to-day operations such as setting ticket prices or relocating teams.[1] Later games introduced the option to play as either a player, a head coach, or the owner of an NFL team, the former mode being an emulation of the Superstar mode in older Madden NFL games.


Generally, when creating a new franchise game, players can disable mechanics such as the trade deadline, a block that prevents teams from trading after the eighth week of the main season, and the salary cap, a limit on how much money can be used to hire players.