John Madden Football (1990) Coverart
John Madden Football is a football simulation game developed by EA. John Madden is on the cover. There are new features in this game such as field conditions, audibles, and password-saved games. There is still no licence for the NFL or NFLPA, so the teams are based on their NFL counterparts, but are just named by their city. There are 17 teams in the game. The teams were as follows: Houston, New York, San Francisco, Philidelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Minnesota, Chicago, Miami, New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Washington, and a bonus All-Madden team. The game was developed by Park Place Production Team, unlike the other game, which was developed by EA. Both games were published by EA. John Madden Football was available for the Sega Genesis, the SNES, and the Amiga. This was the first Madden game on all main stream systems of the time. This was the last Madden game for the Amiga. The Sega Genesis version came out in 1990, while the SNES version came out in November of 1991. The ESRB rated the game E (Everyone.)