Madden 03

Madden NFL 2003 is the 13th instalment of the Madden series, it features Marshall Faulk on the cover. It was released on August 12, 2002. for the Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, Windows, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo Gamecube. It was the first game to feature Al Michaels instead of Pat Summerall. It is also the first Madden with EA Trax

Roster Errors Edit

Mark Rypien is a Free Agent, despite being retired

Bill Parcells is listed as Dallas Coach, due to his contract with ESPN

The Late Pat Tillman appears as a Free Agent

Ryan Leaf is listed on the Seattle Seahawks, even though he retried before Training camp

Madden 03 Game Play

Madden 03 Game Play

Bruce Mathews is on the Tennesee Titans, even though he retired

Soundtrack Edit

Artist Song
Andrew WK Party Hard
Bon Jovi Everyday
Seether Fine Again
OK Go Get Over It
Quarahi Mr. Jinx
Hed PE Suck It Up
Nappy Roots Awnaw
Epidemic Walk Away
Dry Cell Body Crumbles
Audiovent The Energy
Good Charlotte The Anthem