Madden Wiki

This is a to-do list indicating suggested things to do to improve the quality of the Madden Wiki.

High priority[]

  • Implement a standard framework on all Madden NFL game pages.
  • Create a standard framework for team pages.
  • Create a standard framework for NFL player pages.
  • Create a template for presenting player stats for players in Madden NFL 21.

Medium priority[]

  • Update the category organization to increase consistency.
  • Fill in the team and soundtrack tables on the various Madden games.
  • Add pages for real life NFL gameplay mechanics such as penalties, plays, quarters, overtime, and more.
  • After the framework is determined for player pages, create pages for the current NFL superstars.

Low priority[]

  • Get a new wordmark for our wiki that matches the font used in the title of Madden NFL 21.
  • Eventually, the end goal is to have complete statistics for teams and players on the current Madden NFL game.