There are 11 zone types represented in Madden, and the associated player responsibility

Deep (dark blue) zone: covering all, 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 of the field past 10 yards deep (depending on the number of players in deep zone)

Cover 2 concepts Edit

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Vert Hook

  1. Mid Read (yellow)
    • Reads formation passing strength pre-snap, will drop back to cover potential deep middle threats.
    • Vulnerable to Levels route concepts
  2. Vert Hook (yellow)
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      Mid Read

      Used by outside edge players in cover 2. Sit in hook coverage, will convert to man on vertical routes
    • Vulnerable to out routes
  3. Hard Flat (light blue)
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      Hard Flat

      Outside short areas. Effective for picking off underneath routes.
    • Vulnerable to deep corner routes.
  4. Soft Squat (light blue)
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      Soft Squat

      Converts to man coverage on deep routes. Will jump underneath on out routes.
    • Vulnerable to inside short routes.
  5. Cloud Flat (light blue)
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      Cloud Flat

      Outside deep and short areas, with priority on deep outside.
    • Vulnerable to curl/flat route combos.

Cover 3 Concepts Edit

  1. Hook Curl (yellow)
    • Hook Curl

      Hook Curl

      Used by inside defender in Cover 3. Protect inside short and intermediate. Can drop into flats coverage
    • Vulnerable to vertical routes
  2. Curl Flat (purple)
    • Image 4.img

      Curl Flat

      Outside intermediate and short areas of Cover 3, with priority on intermediate.
    • Vulnerable to zig routes, RB underneath routes
  3. Seam Flat (purple)
    Image 6.img

    Seam Flat

    • Outside edge in Cover 3. May match out breaking routes and can convert to man against vertical inside routes
    • Vulnerable to inside short routes, zig routes, RB underneath

Cover 4 Concepts Edit

  1. Quarter Flat (purple)
    • Image 5.img

      Quarter Flat

      Outside edge area of Cover 4. May match breaking routes and carry vertical inside routes (before handoff to deep zones)
    • Vulnerable to inside short routes, RB underneath routes
  2. 3 Rec Hook (yellow)
    • Image 8.img

      3 Rec Hook

      Inside short and intermediate field areas. Initial drop towards #3 receiver in formation (also used in cover 1)
    • Vulnerable to out and vertical routes

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